Tempat pemburu airdrop di indonesia dilarang oot, provokasi, sara dan pornografi. mari sebarkan link referal airdrop kalian
  • BtcEX Exchange
    Free 20 BXC ($6.6)
    KYC (depan, Belkang, dan selfie no tulisan)

    Link : https://www.bxlend.com/signup?referredby=BX00223634

    - Daftar Via Email dan Verif
    - Login dan Lakukan KYC
    - Bonus Masuk setelah KYC approved
    - Done

    Note : Langsung bisa Trade dan WD 👌👌👌
    BtcEX - Buy and Sell Altcoins
    BtcEX- Most secure Cryptocurrency Exchange, Easily Buy and Sell Altcoins, Get notifications and many more.
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  • 🔥 Kudex X Boltx Airdrop 🔥

    🎁 Free 1000 KDX (~30$)

    1) Create a wallet account on Boltx.io (or use ERC20)

    2) Fill Out this form👉 http://bit.ly/2MjA02v

    3) Referral Username👉 @kiemtien11
    Kudex Deflational Asset Airdrop
    Fill in this form to get Kudex Tokens
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  • Get free 10 BIP/ 0.3 ETH.
    100% real is not a scam.
    No deposit, no KYC.
    Terms only Telegram
    Join 👉👉 t.me/MinterContestBot?start=631988176
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  • Bitherone x Latoken
    💰 free 5 BTR = ($12)
    + Refferal 1 BTR ($2.5)
    Rate : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


    Join telegram
    Follow twitter & Fb
    Enter Email Akun Latoken
    BTR Airdrop Bot
    Join Bither Airdrop bot to get up to 5 BTR tokens (~$12.5) for simple social tasks!
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  • 🚀 BXB Exchange
    💰 Free 11 USDT

    Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bxb

    💰 Step:
    ✅ Copy code Reward: " C7DR25 "
    ✅ Enter email, check inbox and verif code
    ✅ Enter Code " C7DR25 "
    ✅ First name
    ✅ Last name
    ✅ Number ID
    ✅ KYC upload the front ID
    KYC 5-30 minute process

    so that you can approve it quickly
    👉 send an email to support@bxb.io
    BXB Exchange - Apps on Google Play
    BXB Exchange is an Estonian-based financial and blockchain technology company. Our team is formed by both Wall Street’s top quantitative hedge fund team and traditional financial trading technical team. BXB Exchange has extensive experience in understanding the underlying structure of an exchange, ranging from security mechanisms, ultra-low latency systems, and liquidity market making. Based on our strong fundamentals and understanding of the financial exchange markets, we strive to streamline the contract design of various financial products to make them simpler and more efficient. BXB vision: To enable all small and micro investors to participate in digital asset transactions and make the experience more fair and convenient, while also sharing the dividends generated by the growth of the platform Key Features ✓ Trade digital assets anytime, anywhere on BXB. ✓ BXB has created a sleek, simple, and easy to use interface ✓ Access to powerful trading tools only available on BXB ✓ Deep market liquidity, allowing seamless trading ✓ Consistently upgrading and updating to provide users with the best trading products Please, visit our official website at bxb.io for more information and updates.
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  • 🚀😱😱😱🔥🔥 New Rokes Commons Exchange Airdrop 🚀✅Real✅
    🎁 800 COM = $8 USD | Ref+ 250 COM

    ✅ 1. Register👉 Here ✅https://rokes.exchange/register?ref=15140bEmuiNw

    🤖 2. Start Bot👉 Airdrop Telegram Bot 🚀http://t.me/Commons_Exchange_airdrop_bot?start=255
    Rokes Commons Exchange
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  • 5B PIEXGO(PXG) airdrop get 68 PXG to 4800 PXG and win 500 MXC token
    1. Scan the QR code, download app
    2. Register, kyc
    3. 🔸Fill in https://bom.to/rV35i
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  • Airdrop 300 FIT
    Reward: 150 FIT($5)+ 10 FIT/ref
    Fill form: http://bit.ly/2KeR20O
    -Referral code(thanks): @kiemtien
    -Submit tasks
    -ERC20 ETH wallet
    Tokens distributed after IEO end.
    Welcome to 300-Fit Airdrop http://300fit.io/
    Airdrop has many steps, please be sure to read the instructions clearly. 1 Fit = $0.03 Earn 150 FIT for completing Easy Tasks Earn 10 FIT per Referral !
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    💰3800 FLX = 0.00496 BTC /
    Bind Phone = 700 FLX
    Verify KYC = 3100 FLX

    Link https://www.felixo.com/?ref=74537955
    1⃣ Registration Data
    🔸Enter Email
    🔸Create Password
    🔸Confirmation Password
    🔸Enter Referral Code 59075509
    🔸Click Sign Up / Kayit Ol
    2⃣ Confirmation Email
    3⃣ Click Menu & Log In
    4⃣ Click Menu & Click Airdrop
    5⃣ Click Sms Verification
    🔸Select Country
    🔸Enter Number Phone
    🔸Click Send Sms
    🔸Enter Code
    🔸Click Verify Phone
    6⃣ Click Menu + 👉 👤 + Account
    7⃣ Enable Google Authenticator
    8⃣ Click Menu + Click Airdrop
    9⃣ Click KYC
    🔹Click Internasional
    🔹Enter First Name
    🔹Enter Last / Surname
    🔹Select Country
    🔹Select Gender
    🔹Enter Number ID (KTP/SIM/PASPOR)
    🔹Click Next
    🔹Select Type ID / KYC
    🔹Upload Photo Front ID
    🔹Upload Photo Back ID
    🔹Upload Photo Selfie With Id & Note
    🔹Click Send Document
    Done ✓

    ▪Photo KYC, Size Edit👉 720x540
    ▪Exchange FLX Soon
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    Felixo - Türkiye'nin En Güvenilir Kripto Para Borsası.
    TRY ve ya BTC ile kripto para alım satımına başlayabilmek için hemen üye olun.
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  • ​​XR Web Airdrop
    Free 20 XR ($2)
    Rate : Good

    Daftar di web : http://bit.ly/2JJOecr
    Verify email
    enable 2FA Authenticator
    Start bot http://t.me/XRWEB_REWARD_BOT?start=835723152
    Join telegram group
    Enter ETH adresss (ERC20)
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